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In a partnership with us you have the ability to provide quality content for your users and become the biggest digital distributor in your region. Our platform is ready for you starting from now.

Business models for potential partners

- White Labeling -


Providing support to a partner company, where the partnership is defined as exclusive by a contract.

We provide services only to your company in your region.

For the distribution of digital editions, our company provides complete support, while the partner provides commercial sales.

Publisher advantages

This type of cooperation is based on the division of sales revenue in the agreed percentage.

A flat model is offered, which allows users to access all digital editions available on the platform.

The flat model is sold exclusively through payment recurring (subscription).

We offer

  1. A Platform consisting of a website and mobile applications designed for distribution and reading digital editions.
  2. Complete Hosting - Infrastructure to support all the users in our partner’s region
  3. Deal with all the publishers (newspapers, magazines and books) in our partner’s region
  4. User insight and data tracking, financial reporting...
  5. Constant system upgrade that follows current standards and trends
  6. Technical support 24/7

You offer

  1. Direct sales to your user base
  2. Marketing to promote the service

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Benefit for partners

In partnership with us, at minimal cost, you provide quality content for your users and thus become the largest distributor of digital publications in your region. How many printed newspapers, magazines and books are being sold on a daily basis? Now you can have your share from the digital format.

Profit from sales

Allow your users to browse and read everything in their area of interest all in one place.
Reading e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-books has already become a standard.

Increasing the user base

Leave the publishers to us, we make the deals.
When we bring all the publishers from your region to our platform there will be a more diverse content, something for everyone.

Why mobile, internet and TV providers?

Priority for the partnership is given to mobile, internet and TV providers.

Providers have a large user base, thus gaining on the time of commercialization of the product itself.

If you are interested in being a distributor of digital editions in your region and offering your users quality content at a fair price

Become a partner