About us

Our core business is conversion and distribution of digital content, that is e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-books, making it accessible to read through developed website and mobile applications.

Making out e-publications available in offline mode is what makes us stand out from the competition.

We provide complete technical support and knowledge for commercial business.

Partnership priority is given to mobile operators, internet providers, cable TV providers...

How the system works

Newspaper publishers, magazine publishers and book publishers are given a designed app for uploading material. Newest editions are uploaded as soon as they are made available.

Our system converts the uploaded material and creates special formats for reading through our designed website and apps.

Everything is automated.

User advantages

All in one single platform - newspapers, magazines and books

Easy to access and use

Economical much cheaper than printed editions

Early access available before the print comes out

Genuine appearance of the printed editions

Rich archive available for reading and browsing

No limits, read anytime and anywhere even offline

Publisher advantages

Additional distribution channel

No costs towards our system

Profit guaranteed

Automated and easy to use system

Pricing Policy

The monthly subscription shouldn’t exceed the price of a cup of espresso.

The users are given a first month free trial after which monthly subscriptions are being charged (payment recurring). Users can deactivate the service at any time.

Free content

Just like a free trial, all other free content on our platform is there to give users the opportunity to get to know how our platform works before they decide to subscribe.

All e-newspapers and e-magazines have one “promo issue” free to flick through. This way users can see how their favourite newspaper or magazine looks in digital format.

There is also a “Free” section containing magazines and books that are free to read. Those are the magazines that are free in their print as well, and books that were given the free access to by the publishers.

System’s backend

The whole system is automated - from the conversion of the uploaded material, to payments and distribution for the end users.

The system is contained from multiple different applications connected in one central system that aggregates a huge amount of data on the behavior and habits of users and publishers along with advanced financial and analytical reports.


Tailor-made online and offline readers

We have devoted a lot of knowledge, time and experience into developing the e-reader in its current form, adapting it to reading trends on a daily basis.

As a result, today we have an online reader integrated on our website and offline readers available in mobile applications.

If you are interested in being a distributor of digital editions in your region and offering your users quality content at a fair price

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