Our business is specialised in digital publishing Cooperation with us makes things easier


Responsive website optimised for pleasant reading from different devices. Access your saved content and bookmarks from multiple platforms (Android/iOS/web) with a single account. Your library is always synchronized.


A whole library fitting a pocket. Your favourite books and magazines at a hands reach, even offline! Done with the waiting, get notifications when a new issue is out!


Read anywhere and anytime. We offer unlimited access to e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers. Make your free time a quality time! Enjoy your reading!

Interest for partners

Partnership with us, at minimal cost, enables you to provide quality content for your users and thus to become unique in your region. How many printed newspapers, magazines and books are being sold on a daily basis? Why wouldn't you have a share from the digital format?


Increase your profit

When was the last time you licked your finger to flip a page? Swipe is in fashion. Provide your users with the access to read and flicker through everything they find interesting, all in one place.


Increase your user base

Leave the communication with publishing houses to us. In a short time we will bring publishers from your region to our platform, providing a wide range of different content thus bringing new users.


Be unique

Having daily newspapers, magazines and books on display on one platform will make you unique in your region. Flat mode allows users unlimited access, enabling them to read everything that is present on the platform.

If you are interested in being a distributor of digital editions in your region and offering your users quality content at a fair price

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